Green Automation and Business Flexibility (the holy grail)

Green Automation (GA) combines business initiatives involving both green initiatives and automation initiatives. A quick web search on green automation brings up services relating to automated greenhouse hydroponics. But GA is a much broader opportunity than that.

Then if you combine GA with Business Flexibility thinking, the opportunity space for innovation moves to an even wider landscape.

Examining broad opportunities from a business process perspective, there are three categories:

GA Input Initiatives:
• Raw materials sourcing & distribution to production sites
• Design for GA, including assembly recycling (anticipate source country development that will stress environmental sustainability in the future)
• Risk management-avoid disruption from global-warming effects
• Design for ‘Internet of Everything’ information monitoring

GA Process Initiatives:
• Reliance on renewable energy sources in both the production and distribution processes
• Fewer moving parts (progressively more solid-state componentry)
• Less reliance on rare metals and scarce raw materials sourcing
• Greater use of final desktop, 3D printing to reduce distribution carbon footprint

GA Output Initiatives:
• Help customers minimise their point-of-sale green footprint
• Develop recycling partnerships with recycling providers
• Use recycling initiatives as customer loyalty reinforcement

Simon Leicester
Business Flexibility Consultant

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